Experts In The Field!

Digital Forensics practitioners are trained in the Collection, Preservation, Analysis and Presentation of digital evidence. Our analysts are former law enforcement employees and have been trained in evidence handling as well as:

  • Have undertaken academic education in law, information technology and/or forensics,
  • Have attended formal digital forensic training,
  • Are members of one or more internationally recognised digital forensic bodies and are Certified Digital Forensics Examiners,
  • Have conducted academic research in the field,
  • Are recognised Expert Witnesses within their judicial system,
  • Have already completed numerous examinations under the supervision of a senior practitioner and have been peer reviewed,
  • Are knowledgeable in their judicial system’s rules for expert witnesses and adhere to being independent and unbiased.

When clients engage their own IT staff or obtain the services of a non-specialist Digital Forensics examiner, the original digital item can be contaminated and the evidence become unreliable. Failure to use a Digital Forensics expert, should the matter go before the court, can run the risk of the evidence being excluded.

Allan Watt Digital Forensics practitioners fall within the scope outlined above and all hold PhD’s in Digital Forensics.

Allan Watt Digital Forensics is an accredited member of the following organisations:

Allan Watt Digital Forensics provide a comprehensive range of forensics services.