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Experts in Digital Forensics, Allan Watt Digital Forensics is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience conducting digital forensic investigations.
Allan Watt Digital Forensics is a company of highly qualified and discreet professionals, all with impeccable references. We are the “go to” professionals in all digital forensics matters.
Allan leads the dedicated team of investigators and analysts who have years of experience in conducting investigations involving the extraction of evidence from electronic media.

An investigation of digital evidence should always follow the following process: Collection, Preservation, Analysis and Presentation.
Our team have law enforcement and private sector experience and have completed thousands of investigations. Allan Watt and his senior team members are recognised Expert Witnesses in Digital Forensics matters in both State and Federal Courts within Australia.

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How can we help you

  • We evaluate your Cyber Security Risk and Vulnerability
  • We Train your staff on Cyber Security
  • We manage IT Breach, Data Incident, Cyber Emergency
  • We Investigate in full discretion.
  • We discover and respond to breach, threats, attacks.
  • Check out our comprehensive range of digital forensic services here.

Meet The Expert

Dr Allan Watt
Dr Allan WattDirector
Director of Allan Watt Digital Forensics, Dr. Allan Watt is a leading Expert in his field, working with a team of investigators and analysts who have a number of years experience conducting investigations, involving the extraction of evidence from electronic media. Allan is also an Independent Expert having been appointed by the Supreme Court to provide independent evidence in a number of cases. He is the former Cyber Program Coordinator and a Lecturer at the Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism at Macquarie University and an Expert Committee Member to the INTERPOL Cyber Security Panel

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Who Do We Work For?

Allan Watt Digital Forensics conducts digital investigations for: Legal Practitioners, In-House General Counsel, Companies (from SMEs to Large Corporates), Schools and Universities, Government Agencies (both State and Federal) and individuals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
Any Organisation, Company or Individual can be a victim of a Cyber Crime. Our role is to teach Prevention and Respond to a crisis situation, no matter the size, we are here to protect you and to fight fraud in any digital form.

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